Where did the umbrella come from?

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“Umbrella” has evolved. Come from any real place, from which nation? And who invented the caller, I still don’t know, but some people have recorded that the umbrella … has a history as follows.

An umbrella called umbrella, derived from the Latin word umbra, meaning “shade,” originated about 3,400 years ago in Mesopotamia. which is a hot land all year round Therefore, umbrellas are used to shade the sun.

The Greeks adopted the umbrella culture from Egypt. which is believed The sky is the body of the goddess Nat, which covers the world like a huge umbrella. Humans, therefore, created an umbrella to represent Goddess Nat. to protect those under the shadow The person who can spread the umbrella must be a person with authority only. Until the 18th century, most of the people spreading umbrellas were still women. because men are afraid of being insulted as being weak Therefore, not many people like to spread umbrellas, until in 1750, Jonas Hanway, an Englishman, was the first man to stand up to carry an umbrella amid the mockery of those around him. but he doesn’t care and also confirmed that he would continue to carry an umbrella Until the carrying of an umbrella is accepted by the British, whether male or female. Until today

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And umbrellas are not just any material that just blocks the sunlight from the heat and the rain that comes down from the sky anymore because “umbrellas” are amazing. that is worth looking for more and more continuously More and more, umbrellas that are trendy Inของชำร่วยงานศพ, there was a difference It’s enough as it’s popular. For example, year,

let’s put it this way. 2017, “umbrella”

, because in China there is a bicycle share. The basketball player is used as you can see. Until now, there are still visible umbrellas being used together, with news sources reporting that A total of 1,000 umbrellas were placed in six of Guangzhou’s subway stations, and umbrella rental-return machines are located at the subway’s entrance and exit gates. If you want to use this umbrella, just scan a QR code, you can use it for 12 hours, and it costs 1 yuan (about 5 baht), or if you use 600+ credit card points, there’s no deposit. Some netizens joked that “Let’s guess what is the next item to be shared in China?”